Scientists Discover A Completely New Human Organ. Introducing The Mesentery!

Proving We’ve Got So Much More To Learn…Just when you thought science knows all there is to know about the human body, then comes along the rumors of a new human organ discovered? It’s true, it seems there is still much to learn about the human body, according to writings in The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Scientists discovered the new organ in the least expected place – the intestines. It’s named the mesentery, which means “in the middle of the intestines”, and is believed to play a role in the workings of the digestive system. It isn’t actually new, as scientists believed it to be a series of supportive structures that attach the intestines to the wall of the abdomen. In fact, it was originally mentioned by Leonardo da Vinci in his original descriptions.

With the new classification, medical students will now be taught to treat it as an organ, although, scientist still aren’t sure what it actually does. However, it is believed that since it is attached to the intestines it plays a yet hidden role in the digestive system.

Source – IFLscience via thelancet

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