SanDisk 200GB Micro-SD Card Is the World’s Largest Micro-SD Card Yet

SD cards have been perpetually locked in something of an arms race and are constantly getting bigger and bigger. Not in physical size but in terms of storage. The same is true of MicroSD cards which are constantly being upgraded to store more and more content – to the point where they’re actually more spacious than even some harddrives!

That’s certainly the case with this latest MicroSD card from SanDisk which has once again broken the size barrier. This one is a whopping 200GB which leaves the previous record (128GB) in the dust. As a microSD card it should be suitable for use in smartphones, cameras, tablets and laptops – though it’s always worth checking as some devices are limited to cards below a certain size.

For the non techies out there, how much is 200GB?

Put it this way: a film in decent quality will usually be between 1-2GB. So that means you could fit 1-200 films on one of these cards. Which is really not bad. An MP3 will generally be much smaller so you could get thousands upon thousands of songs on it with no difficulty.

It’s also super-fast and expected to make it possible to transfer around 1,200 photos per minute!

Source – SanDisk


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