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Sand Art Pictures By Klaus Bosch Fills You With Instant Zen

So, you like art? Even if you’re not a big fan of art, there are some artists that you can’t overlook, and appreciate the creative talents they possess. One such artist is Klaus Bosch. What doe Klaus do? He plays creatively with sand, and has developed seemingly living art using moving sand.

The Rainbow-Vision Sandbilder Deep Sea Sand Art forms enchanting deep-sea pictures that inspire, and entrances all those who cast their eyes on his engaging moving sand art pictures. And now, you can watch this moving sand picture at night, because it glows in the dark.

This is isn’t just pretty sand art under glass, no; this is moving sand art pictures that glow in the dark, under glass. The word ‘Cool’, doesn’t cut-it, when trying to describe the mesmerizing spell the sand puts on you as it graceful moves under the lighted glass. It’s very pretty, to say the least.

sand-art-captain-haddock-moving-sand-art-picture-26sand-art-pictures-klaus-bosch (2)sand-art-pictures-klaus-bosch (1)rainbow-vision-sandbilder-deep-sea-sand-art-by-klaus-bosch-41sand-art-picture-golden-sun-by-klaus-bosch-31


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$59 $89 Buy Here
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