Samurice Samurai Sword Ice Molds Feeds Hot & Hungry Little Ninjas

Everything is fun when you’re kid because their imagination is free to see life as a game, and that’s how children learn, by playing games, its instinctive.

The best part of being a kid is that you can act anyway you want and no one will judge you harshly, kids do it all the time – pretending to be cartoon characters from movies and shows they watch, or imitating people and social role models that they admire.

Next to Superman, Batman and Spiderman, the Ninja is one of the most common characters kids like to ‘pretend’ to be, instead of using some imaginary ninja sword, you can help your kid’s inner ninja out with these Samurai sword ice molds.

It has a sturdy stand, which makes it easy to put in the freezer when your making ice popes. These make great gifts all year-round, and they come 2 in a set because every parent knows that little ninjas travel in pairs.

Samurice Samurai Sword Ice Molds (4)Samurice Samurai Sword Ice Molds (2)Samurice Samurai Sword Ice Molds (3)

8.5 Total Score
Nothing cools down & satisfies a ninja after a fierce battle more than an ice pop

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