Samurai Kitchen Knife Set Slices Through Hordes of Ninja Poultry

Link sliced his way through inferior opponents with the Master Sword. Dante slayed hordes of demons and monsters with his Sparda sword. Alucard eradicated hordes of the undead with the Sword of Dawn. How will you start your quest as an awesome ninja?By slicing up your most common enemy of course…raw meat!!! That’s what enemies end up as anyways, right? Whether you’re a master of the art of fine cuisine or you just want to work your way up to the most fierce predators of Earth, test your slicing abilities with a Samurai Kitchen Knife Set. This set contains the most essential knives, including paring, utility, bread, and chef knives for accuracy and efficiency. Throw out those old rusted blades and work your way to Samurai status with your newfound strength.

Iku Yo!

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