Samsung’s New Gear 360 Captures Full 4K Video With Live Broadcasting Becoming The Ultimate Social Camera

Taking pictures is more than just a past-time with people today, it’s a lifestyle. Actually, people use cameras to do more than take selfies, they are used to capture everyday life occurrences.

The greater the camera resolution the better, but what is best is the ability to capture pictures, videos, and live stream in 360 degrees. And, in this regard, no better company than Samsung to satisfy the ever-growing need of consumers than with their new 360-degree camera, which is far superior in every way to their older Gear 360 camera.

The latest version of the camera supports 4k UHD, comes with a monopod leg allowing it to stand on its own on a flat surface, or it can be held firmly with its specially designed grip handle. It has not one, but two 8.4 megapixel sensors that captures the full 360-degree view people crave, using it’s fish-eye lenses at 24 fps.

Live stream, take videos, or HD pictures at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 960 pixels, all recorded on a microSD card that is easily loaded via a slot on the handle, which can be upgraded to 256GB.

The onboard battery is good for 130 minutes of video recording, and it supports iOS and Android operating systems, uses Wi-Fi, has a video editor, and is water-resistant. If a camera is part of your lifestyle, then go 360-degrees, with the help of Samsung and the entire Gear family of products such as the popular Gear watch.

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True 4K Video 360-Degree Content Capture

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