Samsung Sleepsense Helps You Get Better Sleep and Shuts Off Gadgets When You Pass Out

Are you having trouble with your sleep? If you are, then your health can suffer. This is the motivation behind Samsung’s newest healthcare device – ‘Sleepsense’. It is a device that helps to improve a person’s sleep cycle up to the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

When we don’t get enough sleep, our health suffers so much it becomes a health risk lifestyle. And, that’s not a good thing. What does it do? It basically monitors the amount of hours you’re sleeping and the quality of your sleep. Rather than wearing a device which many people refuse to do, simply slip the thin disc-like gadget under your mattress. It accomplish this by issuing a sleep report that recommends ways to improve your sleep, and it does this through a mobile app you can install on your smart phone. Better yet, much like smart home automation systems, it can also detect that you fell asleep and turn off the lights or TV as to reduce any typical distractions that would normally wake you up once you fell asleep. Nothing yet on stopping the dog from jumping on your bed when it has to go out at 4am, but that’s another gadget for another time.

Regardless of the status of an individual, we all need sleep. If you struggle with sleep, or your know someone who does, then this new health device – the Sleepsense by Samsung – can help by monitoring how long it takes you to go to sleep, the number of times you get up, and the time spent in REM sleep.


Source – Samsung

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