Samsung POWERbot VR7000 Robot Vacuum Can Be Controlled By Amazon Alexa

The long history of technological breakthroughs have made mankind’s work easier, in one way or another. And now, thanks to the new POWERbot VR7000 Vacuum from Samsung, taking care of your home will be easier than ever, especially if you don’t enjoy vacuuming your home’s flooring.

Samsung isn’t new to home robot vacuums, and the new VR7000 is a definite improvement from previous models the company has produced. With more suction power and a slimmer design, it offers better automated cleaning and can access hard-to-reach areas that eliminate the need for follow-up manual cleaning.

The unit generates up to 20 watts of suction power and is able to cover areas traditional hand vacuums miss, such as under furniture because it can come within a half-inch from the wall. There is much more to Samsung’s new robot vacuum to discover, and folks can have their first look at it during the 2017 CES event at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, on level 1 of the Central Hall.

Source – Samsung

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