Samsung Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge Is $35,600! Set Your Repulsor Blasts On Full Power

You may be a fan of the Avengers, but let’s face it. Iron Man is one of the brightest geniuses in the group (sorry Hulk, no points for you). Whether it’s his no-nonsense demeanor or his stunning good looks, Tony Stark is most likely the most realistic of superheroes. Come on, he is pretty badass. Whatever your stance is, Samsung is offering an ode to the techie genius with their Galaxy S6 Edge.

This limited-edition handset is hued in the traditional Iron Man red and gold and is a 64GB smart phone that offers utility and a touch of Stark swag. Samsung is even including an arc reactor wireless charging pad. Simply place the phone on the pad and you’re charging those tech juices.

While this is currently only available overseas, we’re hoping that Samsung will bring this gorgeous phone over to the US. Please?  On ebay its going for an incredible $35,600 for the unlocked version. Woah!

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  1. That better be an indestructible phone for that price lol

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