Samsung Galaxy Surfboard LED Display Keeps Surfers Connected At Sea

There are few companies in the world that have such an impact on humanity in the way that Samsung does. It is one of most innovative and successful companies on the planet because it develops, creates and applies new technologies in ways that benefits everyone, as is clearly seen with its plethora of electronic products. When it comes to sports, Samsung electronic devices, display screens, and sports equipment are well-know and trusted.

Like any sport, safety is always first, especially in surfing. Well, some creative thinkers from Samsung and Leo Burnett Marketing, partnering with one of the best Surfboard makers in Brazil, Johnny Cabianca, produced this amazing prototype surfboard.

prototype samsung galaxy surfboard 1

The Samsung Galaxy Surfboard showcases how current LED display technology can help surfers, while they are surfing. The LEDs light up on the top of the surfboard displays text messages, just as you would receive them on your Galaxy S7 smartphone. In fact, you have to insert your smartphone ‘into’ the board for it to work (Galaxy S7 not included). Is that safe? If Samsung’s name is officially behind it, and it is, then you can be sure its safe to use your smartphone.

Imagine, waiting for the next ‘set’ of waves to come in, and then getting a message from someone on shore, or from Twitter. Or, you can view the real-time info about sea conditions, such as wind direction, the frequency and height of the waves, while your waiting.

Currently, Gabriel Medina, the WSL World Champion has this board, but it won’t be long until this type of rugged technology will be available to surfers everywhere.

Source – DesignBoom

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