Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Has Remote Cameras Inside , Video Streaming & Messaging

CES 2015 rolled out, as is the annual convention’s hallmark, a cavalcade of inventive gadgets with sometimes-questionable useful applications. If we’re to be honest, we’re still a bit on the fence about where the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator fits on the spectrum of potential to make our lives better in any practical fashion. Hm.

To Samsung’s credit, in addition to a downright slick modern stainless steel exterior design, it’s a monumentally spacious and well-lit appliance on the inside. Also, yes, there are some truly tantalizing uses for the Full HD Super AMOLED 21.5-inch touchscreen, including access to the fridge’s internet connectivity and screen mirroring for convenient TV viewing via any Samsung smart TV and at-a-glance recipe displays.

Just the same, we’re down with sending pictures directly from our phones to the refrigerator door. Beats the sweet-and-salty piss out of those manatee-looking “giraffes” our kids keep drawing. However, we aren’t sure just how thankful we’ll ever be for the option to have photos of our food sent to our phones every time we close the door thanks to a trio of built-in cameras.

In all fairness, though, it truly lives up to the “hub” moniker. A built-in calendar lets anyone passing through the kitchen keep tabs on the whole family at once. In the U.S., Mastercard customers can access the fridge like an always-on-duty kitchen manager that orders grocery deliveries based on how users interpret their personal snapshots.

Not an appliance that solves what have exactly been all-world problems, but credit where it’s due: if you can afford the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, you’ve earned the beautiful convenience.

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