Salt Gun The Un-Gun For A Non-Lethal Future Of Self-Defense?

Not going to lie, Salt Supply’s proposition of a safe-yet-effective firearm developed by “rethinking what makes a gun a gun” leaves us a bit skeptical. Our own questions of effectiveness aside, however, non-lethal handgun concepts are experiencing a moment of re-examination and open-mindedness in the wake of 2015’s rash of tragic shooting sprees across the United States.

SALT openly questions the certainty that any truly effective gun must have the potential to take a life if needed in order to successfully protect its user. Admittedly, it takes a clever approach toward non-lethal incapacitation: instead of deadly lead bullets, this un-gun dispenses chemical rounds that explode on contact to release a proprietary powdered sucstance which temporarily causes blindness and lung constriction to neutralize an attacker without killing.

It’s an easy weapon to use with compressed air subbed in for a traditional gun’s black-powder ignition, but safe enough to eliminate potentially deadly household accidents. SALT theoretically would provide perfect protection with no bang, no recoil, and no loss of life – the idea being, as long as the round explodes somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the target, the proximity effect will do its job and keep an intruder at bay.

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  1. I prefer lead when your intentions of killing me or stealing my property becomes my top priority

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