Sailor Moon Cat Hats Give You Real Anime Cuteness

‘Sailor Moon’ Cat Hats – Luna, Artemis, Diana, and Luna P, and these are all you would expect as a fan of Sailor Moon, and anyone who wants to defend the solar system from an threats? Who wouldn’t want to do that, seriously?

Actually, there is nothing not to like about this feline hats with ears, they’re cute, and who doesn’t like cute? There made of fleece and will cuddle your ears when they’re cold, while out saving the planet.

If you are seeking to don one of these Sailor Moon caps to complete your anime outfit for your next Coplay event, then you will be thrilled to get your paws on these assort colored cat hats.

These Sailor Moon Cat Hats are granted special powers from the ‘Sailor Crystal’ – they’re available in one size fits all.



Source – FashionablyGeek

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