Sabertron Sword Keeps Score Of Your Old-School Roleplay

Larpers rejoice! With a name like Sabertron, you would think that either the Autobots or Decepticons were up to something. Nope! This innovative sword product is changing up your old-school nerdy roleplay with foam swords and giving it a reboot with some tech found in your average smart phone.In a nutshell, these devices are foam swords with electronic scoring. Based on the model you play with, these swords have different styles, a rechargeable battery, and even a color-changing illuminated blade for some intense visuals while you spar with your friends. It even has different game modes to switch up your experience for those rainy days or long weekends.

Honestly the product is great, but here’s the best part. You don’t have to kill your rivals! Get ready for some kick-ass sword fighting!

Light Up Swords
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