RYOBI Whole Stud Detector Finds Wires, Wood & Metal Behind Walls. Never Miss The Mark Again

Do you want to hang a picture, install new shelving, or other DIY home project that requires you to know where the studs are behind the wall? Well, there are stud detectors available to do just that – locate studs behind walls, however, the stud detector available today aren’t as accurate as they could be because these typical do not show you ‘exactly’ where the stud’s center is.

While typical stud detectors give you an estimate where the stud is behind the wall, these don’t reveal exactly where the stud’s center is, but the RYOBI LED Whole Stud Detector does. You’ll never hammer a nail in the wall, or drill a hole in the wrong place again, with multi LED’s you will always know exactly where the center of the stud is.

In fact, this advanced stud detector can scan a wall and know it’s thickness, further helping you to determine what size nails and screws to use. Great for DIY home projects, or for professional contractors. What sets this apart is it can even detect wiring and pipes behind walls too so you don’t accidentally drill into electrical wiring or water and gas pipes.

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Can detect metal, wood, or AC wire behind your wall

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