Ryno Motors Motorized Gyro Micro Cycle Is The One-Wheeled Motorcycle You’ve Always Wanted

This really seems like something out of science fiction. Even in Tron they didn’t have one-wheeled motorcycles. Ha! Peasants. The Segway was so outdated, and two-wheeled motorcycles are basically antiques. Okay, okay, we don’t mean it. Motorcycles of all wheels are amazing. Still, this one-wheeled bike from Ryno Motors is truly an impressive sight. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you ride by on one wheel looking like you just came through a portal from 2150.

The first thought you may have is that this looks incredibly hard to ride. If so, you’d be wrong. The Motorized Gyro Cycle is automatically balanced front and back by gyroscopic sensors that keep you upright. However, steering control is still up to you and works just like a normal motorcycle. Turning the handlebars or slight leans in either direction cause the vehicle to turn. The bike automatically accelerates forward as you lean forward and reaches a top speed of 10 mph. Leaning backwards or using the brake lever slows you down to a stop.

The bike features beginner and advanced modes that affect the automatic balancing to your preference depending on your experience level. It features a 2000 watt motor that lasts for up to two hours off of a rechargeable battery. The bike supports riders up to 260 pounds. Its 25 inch diameter motorcycle tire makes it rideable on most paved surfaces and helps to grip the road. The Gyro Cycle is crafted from high quality steel and sturdy ABS plastic for a durable, sleek design. Turn heads and look like you’re from the future with this one-wheeled masterpiece from Ryno Motors.

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