Running On A LEGO Treadmill Of Hell Is The Worst Form Of Torture. Ever.

Fair warning, folks. We question whether our own sadism has evolved beyond our control just because we watched all excruciating eight minutes of this. None of you can convince us that this isn’t the product of the WheresMyChallenge lads looking at a tub of LEGO bricks, then at their bare feet, and then finally to a treadmill before declaring, “WE HATE OURSELVES AND EVERY CHOICE WE HAVE EVER MADE!”

We’d take the bet that Tony Robbins himself, he of the three-foot-Chiclet teeth who surely giggles to himself inside for every “Yes!”-screaming yahoo he talks into dragging their naked feet across smoldering coals, just exclaimed, “Damn, son, why?!” Look, some of your favorite Unique Hunters happen to have sired their own little broods. Nobody who has ever cared after a child has managed to indefinitely evade these little plastic implements of podiatric punishment after some careless scattering by some nefarious crumb-snatcher. It just takes one half-conscious Saturday morning shamble across a living room to remind you that children are innovators of better entertainment through pain.

Now. Everyone out there with a booger-flinger of your own, imagine every time you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO. The sudden, pointed piercing? The shredded flesh on your sole?The instant evolutionary leap of at least six newly discovered curse-words? Amplify that to “11” and rip the nob off.

You’ve been warned. Just….dude.

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