Ruggie Plush Memory Foam Alarm Clock Declares War On Your Snoozing

Yes, there is a plausible scientific explanation for why nothing beats a productive day into worthless waste quite like your snooze button.

Think about your day. Your alarm rattles you from your sleep. You convince yourself you just need “five more minutes” to be good to go until nightfall.

Go ahead. Name one time since junior high when that actually worked.

Ruggie attacks the five-minute fallacy where it lives with organization and a little good old-fashioned positive reinforcement. The theory goes, with every time we prolong a flying start to the day by hammering the snooze button, we fracture the association between our alarms and the need to rise and shine. At the same time, we continually reward ignoring commitment, responsibility, and productivity.


We have choices. We can stumble, groggy and still exhausted, out of bed after wasting precious time stalling and proceed to rush late into the day. On the other hand, we can train ourselves to rise with optimistic and productive ease to make the most of the morning. From the moment you turn your feet from under the covers and onto a Ruggie, customizable uplifting sounds will cheer you on right into your own energetic movie-montage start. Seriously: plug your Ruggie into any computer’s USB port to click and drag songs, speeches or any other sound that turns your engine over into its storage.

The plush fleece-lined memory foam pad is a genuine enough pleasure to greet anyone’s tootsies. However, from there, you can say goodbye to routine stressed rushing and panic while getting acquainted with making more time than ever before for yourself as you dig refreshed into the hours of the day with the fewest distractions.

Here’s the bottom line to how the math breaks down: assuming an 80-year lifespan, waking up just five measly minutes early has the potential to add 100 new days to the rest of your life deducted from the snoozing percentage of the 26 years the average American spends in bed.

With 48 days left in its Kickstarter campaign as of Jan. 14, a total 1,323 backers have destroyed the Ruggie makers’ original $36,113 goal with $124k worth of backing.


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