Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race Gets Crackin’ with Mud, Sweat, and Beers

You’ve seen reruns of American Ninja Warrior all the time. People train for an entire year just to get the chance to prove their physical prowess to the world, and yet no American has yet to get to Mount Midoriyama. You may not be ready for your 15 seconds of fame but a different version is attracting all kinds of attention with only one requirement. That you get dirty.

Rugged Maniac is an obstacle race for adults that tests their boundaries over 3.1 miles. In 25 obstacles, you’ll be defying those naysayers as you slide, jump, and traverse over the craziest of hurdles. And if you get through it all, you’ll get a t-shirt, a medal, a professional photo, and a beer for your struggle. Sounds pretty fair, huh? After all, a little dirt never hurt.


Source – BustedWallet via  Rugged Maniac
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