Rude Stencils For Drinks & Desserts Sticks A Sweet Penis In Your Latte

If our time on Earth has taught us anything, it’s that there is precious little in this world that mankind can’t or won’t draw dicks all over – figuratively or literally – given the opportunity.

These six Rude Drink and Dessert Stencils now available from acerbic Etsy store RudeKitchen just pile on the proof. It’s a sadistic sort of amusement, really: hand guests something irresistibly delicious and even quite attractively presented and watch them chow down on a treat that just happens to also be flipping them off, presenting them with a proudly erect dong, or even dispensing with pleasantries and calling them a “twat” or “wanker”.

Yes, you will all literally eat your abuse, like it, and come back for seconds. These decorative Rude Stencils pair perfectly with cinnamon, icing, chocolate powder, whipped cream, or any other medium in which you could choose to celebrate your raw vulgar artistry with amusingly ironic sweetness.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
eat this sweet dick,
and a sugar cookie, too.

Rude Coffee Stencils latte 3Rude Coffee Stencils latte 4Rude Coffee Stencils latte 2


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