Rubiks Light Cube Puts a Bright New Spin On An Old Favorite

What makes puzzles so great? Is it just a time filler on a rainy day? Maybe it’s the fun colors and shapes? Or is it the challenge of it all? Regardless of what kind of inspiration you get from puzzles, you’ve most likely tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube at one point in time. Pretty tough without the cheat, isn’t it?

Paladone Products is bringing some light to the decades-old puzzle with a Rubik’s Light. This desk light is completely playable at 12 cubic centimeters and will give you two hours of illuminated play time once fully charged. Out of power? Hook it up to a power source via USB.

With 43 quintillion moves to make, will you make the right choice?
Rubiks Cube Light Lamp 2 Rubiks Cube Light Lamp 1 Rubiks Cube Light Lamp 5 Rubiks Cube Light Lamp 4 Rubiks Cube Light Lamp 3[offer_product]

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