Rubber Band Machine Gun Will Start Office Warfare Right

Remember those days in school, when flinging rubber bands was cool? It’s still cool, but now you don’t have to wrestle making a fake gun with your hands to shoot rubber bands, because there is a ‘real’ rubber band gun in town.

Not just any rubber band gun, no, ‘the’ Rubber Band Machine Gun. Yes, there are other rubber band machine guns out there, but you have to manually fire each rubber band. This little monster fires rubber bands automatically, powered by AA batteries. And, it’s fully automated!

How fast and how far can you shoot rubber bands with this gatling gun? That is the ‘big’ question; just pull the trigger back and hold it down, it will pump out 14 electics per second, and you can bear down on your targets up to 26 feet. Is it extreme? Yes, yes it is! And, that’s cool.


Rubber Band Machine Gun
Rubber Band Machine Gun
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Office Warfare

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