Roulette Wristwatch Is Fashionable Gambling Temptation

We fall in love so easily with the simple thrill of roulette. The rattle of the whirling-dirvish wheel, the tumbling ball, the heart-stopping unknown of casting our children’s college funds into the hands of the Fates with no sway over whether we walk away from the table with chips overflowing to the floor in our wake or are forced to concoct far-flung tales of desperate bandits and down-on-their-luck aliens to explain to our wives…

Thanks to the fine gift creators at Hammacher Schlemmer and their groovy animated Roulette Wristwatch, we can now spend hours gazing loving at 37 European roulette pockets surrounding a moving red light standing in as that cursed, wonderful ball. We begin the game with the croupier’s tap on the crown, and then just watch mesmerized as the ball spins, beeps, flashes, and stops on a winning number.

Want to add that ever-seductive element of risk? Bet pennies, Doritos, Skittles or kittens anywhere you please. Your gaming floor is now wherever you make it. Unlike casino floors that make careful points of minimizing anything that shames us with reminders of just how long we’ve been maxing out credit cards and drying out vacation savings, the hour is indicated by subtle white analog hands with the immaculate timekeeping of Japanese movements within a stainless steel case and scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal.

Roulette Wrist Watches
Roulette Wrist Watches
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