All Rouge One: A Star Wars Story Easter Eggs & References

Was There A “Star Wars” Entry That “Rogue One” Didn’t Reference?

If scroll down and play this video without having seen “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and despite the word “SPOILERS” explicitly included in the headline, we don’t want to hear so much as an Ewok-fart out of you. Are we absolutely clear? Not one word. Incidentally, that includes detailing content from this video in the comments.

Now that we have covered that, by all means, take a break and drink in Mr. Sunday Movies going elbow-deep into all the comprehensive Easter eggs and callbacks from the “prequel” to the original trilogy we have always deserved but never let ourselves believe could be. Yes, it is that good. It’s a story that truly honors the legacy spawned by “A New Hope” with a disciplined adherence to the franchise’s most cherished and even downright obscure lore, settings, and characters that even the sacred Expanded Universe might not equal for detail.

Consider us amazed he actually fit everything into a single 15-minute rundown.

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