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Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. Watch Is $19,000. Honors Game’s 30th Birthday

If you’re going to come to an incredible realization of just how many hours you’ve sunk into SUPER MARIO MAKER, you might as well get the final tally straight from the legendary Star Child savior of the Mushroom Kingdom himself. Unfortunately for our SUPER MARIO BROS.-worshiping hearts, we’d crush our hands to dust trying to punch enough surely coin-laden bricks to afford watchmaker Romain Jerome’s third arcade-themed timepiece behind his SPACE INVADERS and PAC MAN creations.

At $19,000, the collector-priced $19,000 SUPER MARIO BROS. watch is a pricey nostalgic warp zone with automatic movement that makes it impressively functional. Handy as it may be, given the average gamer’s easily distorted sense for the passage of time, check out that 3D artwork. Jerome outdid himself with this watch, from the enameled figures of a magic mushroom, cloud, bush and leaping Mario himself to a detailed three-dimensional playing field.

That’s a lot of meticulous craftsmanship in placing every element within within a 46mm-wide case. No wonder this is an extremely limited 85-piece production honoring the 30th anniversary of the 1985 launch of the iconic Nintendo hero’s most famous adventure.


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$19,000 Buy Here
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