ROLI Blocks Modular Music Studio Makes Everyone A Musician

Everyone has music within them, it just needs a way to come out, Roli Blocks is that way. Now, it is possible to create music anywhere, without musical instruments, or even without any background or training in music. This amazingly simple modular system lets literally anyone express their inner beat.

Everyone is a musician with Roli Blocks, it’s the most adaptable, easy to use music making system, ever. You don’t have to be a beginner to benefit from this mobile studio, all levels of musicians can make use of it in many ways, to create, refine and express the music playing within them. How is this possible? That’s the winning question.

Basically, it’s a unique and powerful instrument that removes the obstacle of not understanding music language, instead, it allows people to make music through intuitive gestures, by using their fingers on the touch-sensitive playing surface. You can use different blocks by connecting them together to produce more complex music.

It’s not complicated using the app, and the blocks are small enough to fit in your hand and carry in a pocket or purse. To really get a grasp of what these little music-making marvels can do, there is a short one minute video that will sell you on the idea.












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