Roland Boutique Brings Acclaimed Synthesizers Down To Newly Practical Scale

If you have an unquenchable jones for the singularly catchy vibe of ’80s pop, then whether you’re enough of a music nerd to realize it or not, you have Roland to thank.

No, not the odd guy with the Bill Gates haircut at your corner record store. We speak of the makers of some of the world’s finest and most broadly used synthesizers ever to grace a stage or studio. Today, the Roland Boutique line has taken four of their most celebrated models, compacted them to roughly the size of a large book, and lost none of their acclaimed sound quality.

In a way, Roland couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name: these are everything the world’s biggest bands have always loved about Roland synthesizers brought down to an amazingly practical scale. With superb authentic reproduction of Roland’s incredible sound, their battery operation and built-in speaker lets every one-the-move musician bring a studio just about anywhere the music happens to be.


Roland-Boutique-Module-6Roland-Boutique-Module-5Source – Roland

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