Rogue One Handheld Immersion Blender Puts Vader’s Old Lightsaber To Good Use

Ah, yes. The scene George Lucas deleted from “Return Of The Jedi” and refuses to speak of to this day: after his sad-sack moment cremating his father on the forest moon of Endor passes and his sister comes along to Force-lift his spirits – this time, non-incestuously, now that Han is wise to things he probably wishes he still didn’t know – Luke Skywalker kicks the Yub Nub up a notch by using Darth Vader’s lightsaber to heat up and blend a batch of gazpacho for everybody. Hooray!

Hey, it’s our head-canon. Disney be damned, we’ll disrespect a legendary Jedi knight and Sith Lord’s weapon if we want to, and you can’t make us stop.

In fact, feel free to join in with this Star Wars Rogue One Handheld Immersion Blender. Its most impressive feature is no doubt the intricate detailing that emulates Vader’s lightsaber handle. Adding to the experience of reducing an ancient, civilized weapon to kitchen gadgetry, the 14-inch stainless steel shaft has a red outer coating to properly imitate a Sith alignment. Adjustable speeds and the handle’s soft, non-slip texture make this a kitchen-savvy Star Wars fan’s greatest tool when blending smoothies, soups, dips, and drinks to pre-party for the premiere of “Rogue One” on Dec. 16 in theaters everywhere.

May the queso be with you. Always. Or at least until the bowl is empty. Then you get to make more.





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May the force be with your smoothies, always.

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