Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone For Smart Phones Captures Incredible Audio

More and more people are uploading their videos taken from their smartphones onto social networking sites like Facebook, unfortunately, there are often problems to overcome when taking high-quality video – poor-quality audio recording.

While smartphone cameras are improving in quality, with each new model, it is usually the audio recording that has people frustrated when uploading their videos, as the microphone quality has not kept pace with the improvements of smartphone cameras. Basically, there is a great need for a high-quality external microphone to meet the recording needs of millions of people.

With that said, there is a new video mic that is designed to add superior audio quality to smartphone Youtubers and anyone who uses their smartphone for taking quality videos. It’s called Rode VideoMic Me, and it is specifically optimized for smartphone use as a directional high-quality microphone.

VideoMic Me is specially designed to accommodate both iOS and Android devices, giving users a high-end directional microphone that connects directly to a headphone socket.

If you need consistent, high-quality audio for indoor or outdoor recording, even in adverse weather, using your mobile device or smartphone, then VideoMic Me is for you.

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Ge the professional audio right on your smartphone

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