Rocky Horror Picture Show Funko Pop! Have Fans Shivering with Antici…pation!

Few things last forever, that’s for certain. But somehow, against the odds, cult classic films seem to survive well beyond their years. Night of the Living Dead did it, and so did Pulp Fiction, everyone’s favorite Uma Thurman movie. These are honorable mentions, but do they really make the cut? Before Uma there was Frank-N-Furter, everyone’s favorite sweet transvestite played by Tim Curry.You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be getting a remake in celebration of their 40th anniversary, but in the meantime celebrate in your own way with some much-needed memorabilia. Funko Pop! has successfully portrayed several lines of figurines, and this time it’s got its sights set on the intergalactic transvestite and all his followers.

We see you shiver with antici…pation!

Rocky Horror Picture Show Funko Pop (6)
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