RocketSkates Electric Skates Make the World Your Speedy Roller Derby Rink

 You’ve probably heard of Jet Packs at some point in time, but honestly there’s not exactly a class that’ll teach you how not to blast through your neighbor’s house as you scream for dear life. For those more grounded individuals, many of us grew up with skates and rollerblades. While this pastime is great and all, have you seriously ever gotten the speed you really wanted?The most recent transport success on Kickstarter has been Acton’s Acton R6 Rocketskates. These strap-on electric skates will give you increased mobility the next time you feel stranded or feel a need for speed. They charge in 2 hours and can get you rolling up to 12mph for a trek of up to 10 miles on one charge.Looks like electric scooters’ days are numbered.

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