Rocket Ship Baking Cups Launch Out-of-this-World Cupcakes

This is one small cup for cake, and one dash of vanilla extract for flavor.

With the recent discovery of what some researchers theorize could be an extra-terrestrial race’s super-structure siphoning energy from a star, we’re left to wonder what our questions about life on other worlds always makes us ponder: are thingsn the same “up there” as they are down here? Like, the little things? Maybe the same, but just a bit…different?

Take this set of six sweet Rocket Ship Baking Cups created by ThinkGeek, for example. Somewhere up there are other species – some possibly even not entirely unlike ours – with a general fondness for sweets. And yet, space travel is likely quite common for them. Spaceships are about as remarkable to them as buses and taxis are to us.

So, that leaves us asking this question: could it be that they have their own decorative bake-and-serve cake molds that resemble little cars? Like, little Hummers with tops that pop right off to reveal delicious cake underneath? Surely, they’d be microwave and dishwasher-safe like ours, right?

Excuse us a moment. We’d like to buy some pot from us.

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