Rocket Fishing Rod Shoots Your Lure & Bait 30 Feet

Fishing is a skill, and those who are good at it know how to cast a line accurately into the water, where they want it to go. For those who like fishing, but wrestle with casting often have a difficult time casting off the shore, much less into the water, which is very frustrating for others because it scares the fish away.

Thankfully, there is another way to cast a fishing line into the water, ‘accurately’, without having to spend months learning how to flick your wrist casting a line using a traditional fishing pole.

The Rocket Fishing Rod is a revolutionary design, and it’s a fun way to fish that lets anyone cast a line into the water, accurately, up to 30 feet. All you have to do is point it in the direction you want your lure and line to go, and fire! The projectile it launches is a lure/bait compartment that deploys on impacting with the water. This is a very cool item to use, even if you don’t go fishing.

Rocket Fishing RodRocket Fishing Rod (1)Rocket Fishing Rod (4)Rocket Fishing Rod (3)Rocket Fishing Rod (6)Rocket Fishing Rod (5)Rocket Fishing Rod (2)

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