Rock Box Guitar Amp Bento Box For When Rockers Need To Eat

Music is the heartbeat of society, and when making and creating music all day, eventually, rockers need to eat. Whether you are new to electric guitars, or you’ve had your fingers harden; baptized practicing the song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, you will go fan crazy with this five piece lunch box that looks just like a rock box – a classic guitar amp.

The Rock Box, a fitting name for this lunch box looks just like a guitar amp, especially when you set it down. Any non-guitarist would never know it’s a lunch box, which would make stealth eating possible when surrounded by your groupies. For kids in school who are totally involved with their music classes, this lunch box would be a cherished item.

It has a multi-section interior and could hold enough grub to feed a small band, utensils and everything. And, all components are microwaveable; you just can beat that.Rock-Box-Guitar-amp-bento-box-4

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Lunchtime is rockin' !

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