This Robot Eats Snow And Poops Out Igloo Bricks

Japan is the country known to produce some of the most unusual and fun gadgets ever, along with some pretty weird TV shows that we’ll save for a later post.

This wintertime, they make no exception with Yuki-Taro (yuki meaning snow, taro means bot) SNOWBOT – the friendly snow brick pooping robot. Thankfully, this poop doesn’t have the worst smell ever imaginable. It’s eating snow; it poops snow. This cute little guy took about 7 years to develop and measures in at 160 x 95 x 75 cm (63 x 37 x 30 in.) and weighs 400 kg (880 lbs). has built in GPS and two video cameras that help it know where to go see where it is to avoid obstacles.

snow poop robot in action

As the snowbot drives around, eating snow in its path, the waste it produces comes out as igloo like bricks that we suppose can be used to build an igloo home, or a wall to have a killer snowball fight.

pooping robot

Want one to get you through the next snowmageddon? Yuki-Taro will set you back 1 million yen, about $9k USD.


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Source – BoingBoing

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