RoboDragonfly Cyborg Insect Has A Tiny Backpack Wired To Its Brain

Humans have always used animals, in one way or another, to get work done, carrying loads, delivering mail, and as a mean of transportation. Animals such as oxen, pigeons, horses, and now,… insects, with the help of technology, to do ‘stuff’.

Amazingly, scientists now have designed technology so small that it can be used to interact with animals and insects to guide them like drones. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Scientists can outfit dragonflies with backpack-mounted controllers that they can influence and control them by directly linking technology to their brains, like little cyborg dragonflies. What do scientists plan to do with cyborg dragonflies? That is a great question, for now, they can take high-speed video and audio of wherever they direct dragonflies to fly.

The technology developed to make this possible is also being considered for humans, in the near future, supposedly for medical purposes, why else create cyborgs?

Source – LiveScience via Draper

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