RoadPrinter Paving Machine Rolls Out Brick Roads Like Carpet

Not gonna lie: this demonstration of the RoadPrinter Paving Machine is the first time we’ve ever believed road construction could offer all the amusement of a St. Patrick’s Day parade or at least watching a glassblower at the Renaissance Festival. If we spot one of these things on our morning commutes, we may actually further slow down traffic by pulling over to watch it work.

Screw the actual step-by-step paving process. This marvel of modern engineering does precisely what its name suggests: it connects bricks into a massive interlocked sheet that it then smoothly lays out into a virtually complete, drivable road.

This amazingly compact machine does require some human assistance – after all, someone has to load the bricks, turn it on, and steet. After that, the brick road unfurls like an unrolled carpet.

Wait. Hang on. We’ll be right back. We have a metric-ton of bricks to dip in yellow paint….

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