Roadie Tuner Will Tune Your Guitar in Seconds and is 100% Idiot Proof

Learning to play the guitar is not easy at first. Not only must you contort your fingers into impossible configurations to reach the chords, but you also won’t know whether or not you’ve got it right unless you’re confident in your ability tune properly.

Do you suck at playing, or is the guitar just out of tune? You’ll probably never know. Bummer.

And this is a pain for pros too because it means they have to constantly keep doing the same boring thing over and over again just to continue doing what they love. That is enough to drive you mad. If you’re an insane psychopath…

Roadie Tuner

Enter Roadie Tuner – The go-anywhere tuner that will tune your guitar in seconds with a cool app!

Roadie though is a tuner that can change all that. You turn on your mobile app, put ‘Roadie’ on the guitar peg and then just strum the guitar. It even works with electric guitars by plugging into an adaptor.

Roadie Tuner

Other tuners are good but they still require you to turn the nobs yourself and to match the tones. If you’re really tone deaf then that just isn’t good enough and it’s still tricky and slow for pros if you’re in a noisy environment.

Roadie Tuner App

Roadie Tuner though is absolutely 100% idiot proof and it’s an incredibly handy device for guitarists who play often.

Roadie Tuner


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