RinseKit Portable Shower Sprays Water Everywhere You Need It

Have you ever needed to take a shower while away from home, but did not have access to water you could bathe with? Or, do you need to water some plants in areas around your house where the hose can’t reach? Well, you can now with this handy RinseKit.

Pressurized water to spray plants, rinse surfaces, wash down equipment and vehicles, water gardens, or to clean your catch of fish while on your next fishing trip is now possible. The portable water sprayer holds 2 gallons and provides a continuous pressurized stream of water for up to 3 minutes.

This is made possible because, as you connect the refilling hose to any home spigot, it becomes pressurized as it fills with water. So, all you have to do is turn on the water, connect it to you garden hose spigot, and wait a couple minutes.

There is no pumping or batteries to depend on like some portable water sprayers, but it does come with a spray nozzle that offer various spray settings, and a folding handle that lets you carry it with one hand.


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