The Right Cup Tricks Your Brain With Smell To Drink More Water

You know marketers are very clever, it’s a science – successful marketing, and at the ‘heart’ of every sell is the goal to capture people’s attention, and to stimulate their minds to ‘want’ the products and services a company offers. So, what? Well, applying this idea to ourselves, we can literally trick our minds to buy into healthful living – by drinking more water.

How can we trick our minds into ‘wanting’ to drink more water, instead of sugary drinks like sodas? Simply amazing, really, ‘someone’ figured out how to design a special flavored glass that flavors the water as you drink it, making you think it’s not just plain water, but ‘flavored’ water.

Most people aren’t thrilled about drinking plain old water, because it taste just like… plain old water, no fun there, and definitely not something to lure your brain to ‘want’ to drink more water. But, you flavor that water, “bam!” Magic happens, and people are more likely to drink more ‘plain’ water. Anyways, very cool stuff when think about, especially if its cold plain water, which is mind-tricking-ly flavored with Mixed Berry, Lemon-Lime or Apple.

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