Ricoh Theta S Pours Incredible 360 Degree Definition Into A Minuscule Camera

If anything is a bona fide boon of the practical minimalist movement in the size of most modern personal technology, it is that downsizing the dimensions no longer necessarily means a zero-sum game with performance. The Ricoh Theta S is about as sharp and dependable a 360-degree HD still and video camera as could be found anywhere. Oh, and by the way, its injection-molded shape tips the scales at a flyweight 125g and measures 44mm (w) x 130mm (H) x 22.9mm (D).

Well, if one were to exclude the lens section, it’s actually 17.9mm thick.

Behold the proven performance, though. The Ricoh Theta S sports a newly developed F2.0 lens tailor-made for capturing stills and up to 25-minute-long movies in full 1920×1080 HD. Even when streaming in live HD, the dedicated smartphone app hands over full real-time exposure and white-balance control and can vary the shutter speed between a hummingbird-blink 1/6400 sec. to 60 seconds. Its 8GB memory at any given time can store up to 1,600 larger still-image files or 9,000 medium-quality pictures and up to 65 minutes of high-quality large video files or 175 minutes of medium-grade recording.

Want to really maximize your exposure? Upload your photos and videos instantly by way of the Google Street View app for a truly global release.

Includes a USB-compatible dual fish-eye output and an automatic shutdown function when its internal temperature rises dangerously high. Ricoh Theta S 3Ricoh Theta S 1Ricoh Theta S 3601Ricoh Theta S 3602Ricoh Theta S 2

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