Rick & Morty Portal Gun Let’s You Impress Your Friends With Instant Portals

Fans of the hit TV show Rick and Morty should be glad to hear that the famous portal gun is now a real thing. Well, sort of. Although this replica can’t take you to Pizza Universe or Dog Dimension, it sure is fun. Great for fans of the show or kids running wild with imagination, the Rick and Morty Portal Gun is sure to please.

Although we can’t yet make portals (and certainly not sell them at an affordable price) this replica gun is a winner. Rick’s Portal Gun replica is made of plastic, but puts the power of teleportation right in your hands (as long as you can walk to where you want to go). The dial on the back acts as a button that causes the gun to light up and “fire”. It makes accurate sounds, so with your eyes shut it sounds just like the real thing. Maybe if you wish hard enough a portal will appear.

Unlike when Rick runs out of charge, you won’t have to. This replica runs on 3 AAA batteries that can easily be replaced to keep the fun going. For collectors, this product is officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise. Even though it can’t take you to other dimensions, this toy is sure to please. Wait, no not toy. This scientific instrument of imagination. Yes, now that’s more like it. Be sure to get your hands on this hot item so that you’re ready to go and know how to operate it when the real portal gun is released (sometime in the future).

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