Rhei’s Ferrofluid Clock Makes The Passage Of Time The Most Compelling Part Of Our Morning

Thank you, Rhei. It’s almost a dream too surreal to be true without a double-shot of every damn drug in existence: we could now easily and happily binge-watch the passage of time.

There’s something that’s just so very captivating, Zen and even just a bit Time Lord about a liquid display that never assumes the exact same shape twice when marking the passage of minutes and hours. In that sense, Rhei is the embodied essence of time’s own inherent transience and relentless, dynamic progression in one direction and one direction only: forward – not always better or worse, but never the same.

Literally every exhibited motion from one tangible digit into the next is the product of complex mechanisms beneath the face that shift every 60 seconds to actively redirect the inky liquid medium into a new shape. It’s almost like having a little chunk Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis Venom confined to a clock and training it to literally “tell time”. The clock is not unlike other ferrofluid clocks which have been recently featured. It’s likely these ferrofluid clocks will be in our everyday lives quite soon.

That’s why we’ll name our Rhei “Eddie Clock”. hellorhei_rhei-photohellorhei_rheiani



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