Rey’s Speeder Bike Flying Quadcopter Model Is Real

Technology changes the way we humans do ‘stuff’, especially the way we communicate and play. The Smartphone is one good example of how technology changes the way we communicate, learn and buy things online. But, in the area of entertainment, imagination and technology go hand-in-hand.

Here is one awesome way that hobbies such as modeling become transformed by technology, the best example of this is Rey’s Speeder Bike – a real flying Star Wars RC quadcopter.

If you like modeling, and you are a huge fan of everything related to Star Wars, especially the flying anti-gravity vehicles, then this big boy toy will change the way you play; now your adventures will take flight. How did they recreate the Star Wars speeder?

Well, a tech savvy guy named Michal Mistza (aka The Model Maker), used 3D printing to craft the detailed parts of the speeder that Daisy Ridley’s Rey utilizes, to construct this authentic piece of Star Wars merchandise. It is very impressive craftsmanship, for a toy. But, if you’re going to do it – make a Star Wars flying toy, then you ‘got’ to do it right, for sake of the fans.

You can read more about the technical aspects of this real flying Star Wars speeder here: The Model Maker Creates A Real Flying, Quadcopter-based Rey’s Speeder



Source – MikeShouts via ModelMaker

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