Revolver Shot Glass Dares You To Grab The Vodka And Play Russian Roulette

With all due respect to the sainted souls of George Harrison and John Lennon, the most profoundly timeless truth the Beatles ever shared with mankind was not that all we need is love, but that, indeed, “Happiness is a warm gun.”

Super-Saiyan God happiness, however, is doing shots from a Revolver Shot Glass. It is booze imbibed from a glass gun. If our Christmas-gift Flaviar sampler of fine international spirits isn’t accompanied by this manliest of manly glassware, we’ll know that none of you love us half as much as your burnt sacrifices would suggest.

Even when not in use, this immaculately shaped glass capable of shooting 50ml of any choice hooch is just an outstanding conversation starter for the mantle. This is no shot glass for the weak of heart or those who don’t get just a little bit teary-eyed when reciting the Second Amendment.


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