Revolver Pen Holder Shoots Down All Other Writing Instruments

Let this serve as a reminder, would-be Hemingways of the world.

Who among us who writes for fun and profit hasn’t stared down a daunting deadline’s barrel? When facing that moment of truth, remember to be as sure before you write as you would be before you shoot. Neither bullets fired nor words released unto the world can be taken back entirely as they were. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Take heed from Mexican industrial artisan Jorge Diego Etienne’s powerful design: words are weapons. This single piece of painstakingly hand-carved aluminum will always remind you to spare your ammo, never take a shot without intent, and always know what lies beyond your target.

Note that, while mighty in their own right, the bullet pens pictured here are sold separately.


Revolver Pen Holder
Revolver Pen Holder
Revolver Pen Holder
Revolver Pen Holder
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