Revols Custom-Fit Earphones Molds To Your Ears In 60 Seconds

There was never any doubt that someone out there could pare down the costs of custom-fit earbuds from a month-long fabrication involving an audiologist’s expert consultation and a $1,000-plus expense. Revols Quick Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones promise to deliver buds molded to your ears’ unique inner shapes in 60 seconds on the dot using a DIY process controlled by a smartphone app at the limited-time Kickstarter cost of $199.

OK, so $199 still isn’t exactly bargain-basement, but hear us out. These aren’t exactly off-the-rack $10 Skullcandy Jibs. The black plastic body and face of each bud is accented by a circular brushed-metal badge on the the back and diamond-cut chamfered edges. They’re handsome, no doubt, but the silicone gel-filled molding tip is the true main event.

The ergonomically designed nanocomposite molds perfectly in a minute flat to accommodate your ear’s unique contours. You simply insert the buds, press the smartphone app’s start button, and the molding process go from gel-like malleability a permanently hard, customized shape that lasts. Your earphones are good for up to eight hours of playtime – that’s the not-so-great news. The really good news is, Revols has introduced the personal-audio industry’s first six-hour battery extension pack to clip right onto the back of the headphone’s wire, the Revols Revive. You’re now outfitted for up to 14 hours of superb audio enjoyment.

The personalization doesn’t end there, though. Each ear’s mounted mics are adjustable for necessary audio equalization by way of the Revols Adjustable Soundscape in the app. Adapt to background noise as needed to either block out external noise or let it through as safety necessitates. Revols has also rolled out a line of super-durable sport coverings in an array of colors for aesthetically pleasing resistance to bumps, sweat, rain, heat, and general exercise-generated abuse. The molding tips also remove and switch easily, just in case you need to make a spare set, want to let a friend use your set with their own tips, or if you want to swap in a separate pair just for working out.


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Custom-fit Earbuds Earphones
Custom-fit Earbuds Earphones
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