ReVault Replaces the Cloud As a Wearable Wireless Hard Drive

Big on data storage for all those mp3’s and movies you absolutely must have? Not so trusting of OneDrive or the famous Cloud? We understand. After all, clouds are great, but sometimes it rains. What then?

If you’re keen on security and personal data storage, then ReVault may appeal to you. This wireless hard drive gives you your own personal cloud that you can wear around your wrist or neck. It works just like other wireless drives and connects through smartphones, tablets, or any smart device through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Available in 32 and 128 GB models, users can sync their data automatically with the use of ReVault’s companion app with iOS and Android devices.

Don’t leave your stored data vulnerable to rainy days; protect it with a new gadget that doubles up as an attractive accessory.

Source – Gizmag via IndieGoGo

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