Reusable Testicle Tea Bag Gives That Jerk A Taste of Deez Nuts

Tea bags have been around for centuries, but for those of you gays and gals out there, you know there’s a different story behind the term. It’s not your fault you have a nut allergy, so the next time some jerk tells you to quit your bitchin’, get in the kitchen, and make him some tea, give him a little surprise he won’t forget.

Created by Teabag by Mail, this Reusable Testicle Tea Bag is nut free and inspired by the overly-wrinkled male genitalia that deserves some kicking around. When that jerk freaks out at the shape of his teabags just tell him flat out ‘You’ve been Teabagged’. Either that or ‘How about Deez nuts?!’

Either way, your forefathers are sure to be proud of your cojones. Boston Tea Party, eat your heart out.

Testical Teabag Prank 3 Testical Teabag Prank 2 Testical Teabag Prank 1 Testical Teabag
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  1. @jossandjohn worse and worse …lol

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