Retro Watch Face for Apple Watch Tests Your Grade-School Aptitude for Dirty Words

Feeling a little nostalgic lately? Do you miss your pocket protector a little too much? Nothing screams geek like some old-school tech, and a new watch face from Apple’s new watch will have you ahead of your geeky counterparts.

Apple Watch features a vast number of watch faces, from artsy circle displays to starry skies to Mickey Mouse. But you don’t care about all that. You want geek style and you want it now. Apple watch has given in and is supplying their GeekWatch for just a dollar. This watch face is customizable by color and tells time as well as giving you the old-school calculator experience. Forget Casio, you’ve got Geekio.

Whether you’re just exuding geekiness or you want to see if you still know how to spell Boobies, Hellhole, or Asshole like you did in grade school, this face watch is serving some retro style.

Retro Calculator Watch Apple Watch App 2 Retro Calculator Watch Apple Watch App 4 Retro Calculator Watch Apple Watch App 3



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